Friday, December 17, 2010

Adversarial Politics & Phil Goff (NZ)

Adversarial politics seems to be the only politics Phil Goff knows.

Whatever National does, count on Phil Goff to criticise it and find fault.

Phil appears to have only one style, and that's the old politics of win or lose.

But a good leader demonstrates constructive, collaborative behaviour. That's the way we want to be led and the way we want to be treated.

The continuous sniping is the old politics, the tired politics, the foolish and stupid politics of no good purpose, played as a game for winners and losers.

We're past that now, why isn't Goff?

I've been a Labour supporter, but Key, and many of his cabinet (not all), are the better leaders now.

I only post this because I want Labour to do something constructive.