Saturday, November 27, 2010

You've Got To be Kidding!

Australia's Kevin Rudd was at least partly kicked out of government because of Australia's slavish kowtowing to the United States, so why an Earth is this still going on?

Not to mention Obama, who was most definitely voted in by a vast margin because of Bush's total delinquency on foreign policy. And yet the US Pentagon is still acting like it should be protecting that legacy rather than reneging it: we all know Bush was a prick, and that Obama is meant to be genuine, upfront and supporting the truth. So why the hell is he (via the Pentagon) protecting Bush?

That the US and Bush were backstabbing its allies… What a surprise!!! The neo-conservatives were only about America. No-one should be surprised that the documents prove that. There were plenty of public documents at the time that ascribed Cheney and other Bush cronies to exactly these policies.

The awful shock, if any, is that the Pentagon under Obama is just as secretive and just as defensive as it was under Bush. Either Obama hasn't got a grip on changing the culture of the departments of Homeland Security, et cetera, et cetera (and it has only been a short time) or he's just a sap.

And the same can be said of Australia's 'new' government. What's changed?

Power corrupts – that rule never seems to change. God damn it.

Australia slams 'reckless' WikiLeaks over US cables

US warns of likely harm from WikiLeaks release


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