Friday, November 26, 2010

David Miliband Makes A Blunder On Leadership

"So you're saying to the country, 'show me where to lead and I'll follow'; you're not saying, 'I'm going to be your next Prime Minister and I will lead you'; you're saying, 'tell me where to go...'?"

Such an invitation to get it right. But he doesn't. So close. But he fails. Like every leader (virtually). He fails. The interviewer is right. Ask the people. Listen to the people on the topics they are interested in – they will show you the direction: the data, the information and the knowledge, will show you the answer.

C'mon Miliband, you can do better than this. It's by listening to the people, by studying the problems, by getting feedback on the solutions from those whom the issues affect that you will find the answers. There is no other way to a correct solution. Don't take the 'strong-man' road of being the 'strong leader' and not admitting that you have to ask people what they want – that's just stupid.

I think you've just made mistake in hearing what was being asked. I think you know better. Tell us you do.

[BBC Radio 4 Interview with David Miliband – 'Who are Miliband's 'squeezed middle'?' -]


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