Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aussie History Myopia

Why didn't Sean Plunket (NZ journalist) challenge John Howard (former Australian Prime Minister)'s depiction of Australian history as "Western" and "English-speaking" with the fact that, actually, Australia's history is Aboriginal and Aborigine-speaking? For the last two hundred years Australia has been primarily Western and English-speaking, prior to that, and for fifty-thousand years, it has been Aboriginal. Isn't that something Australia, John Howard, and any Western journalist of any standing should make pains to point out? Why don't they do so?

"You don't get respect in Asia by denying your past" - John Howard (in the same interview). Well by this comment John, you've just proven yourself a complete hypocrite, because denying Australia's past is precisely what you have done.

[This comment relates to an interview by Sean Plunket with former Australian Prime Minister John Howard on 'The Nation' - (the interview is online, but unfortunately you'll have to watch the whole programme to see it)]


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