Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bolger Recants

Bolger (former NZ Prime Minister) recants the sale of Telecom. Wow. Personally, I've never got over the way the then recently-privatised Telecom ripped out or painted over every red phone box in the country, so they could have their new yellow corporate branding on them, despite loud protest and public vexation.

It shocked me and continues to shock me that, in a democracy, a government or monopolistic essential-service provider can act completely undemocratically to rip the heart out of a community, to make changes nobody wants and nobody's asked for, to act without care for the community that, through its votes or its purchases, has put the government or the company in its position of power – but this happens all the time.

Representative's (some democratically elected, some not) make changes they think are good for us, even ones that rip out our heritage, dissolve our security, and destroy our familiarity, because they think this is best for us, even though we say isn't at the time, find it isn't when it happens, and regret it once it has.

Real democracy is coming, but it isn't here yet.

Bolger: Telecom Sale A Mistake -


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