Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome Back Britain

A Commonwealth free trade agreement…

- Commonwealth: It's Time To Talk Trade
- The Royal Commonwealth Society
- Commonwealth Conversation: Final Report
- The Case For Commonwealth Free Trade

For the Commonwealth to work it must have meaningful agreements, this means trade agreements.

Within this, closer relations between New Zealand and Britain are even clearer, as we are the closest of countries in the Commonwealth, sharing common social institutions, a common pool of British peoples and (for NZ) a founding document based in an enduring relationship with the British Crown.


Sir Keith Park - A Kiwi & A Brit

A common hero, reflecting just how close we are, something we shouldn't forget or ignore, in fact a relationship we should use and strengthen to all our benefit.

Daily Mail: Sir Keith Park honoured with bronze statue


Monday, September 13, 2010

Regulating Competition Or Protecting National Interests?

The Australian 'competition' regulator isn't interested in fair, the Australian regulator is interested in protecting the monopoly of Australia's national airline, which it regards as in the national interest, regardless of whether more competition would be better for the public.

Why don't the papers say this, why can't they get the direct comment from people who openly express this view? Perhaps because there's something dirty about 'national interest' and 'nationalism' in these post-WWII, supposedly global free-market days, such that nobody involved wants to speak of it lest they are tarred by it.

This airline regulation business is in similar territory to agriculture and land ownership – national interest, even national security, is involved, and that often overrules the interests of fair and open competition. Still, it would be better if the newspapers and the people involved in regulation and business let it be part of the debate, at least then we'd have an idea of where everyone really stood on this matter.

[NZ Herald: Rejection of Virgin-Air NZ alliance unfair: Branson]


Thursday, September 9, 2010

We've Gotta Rebuild Them

We mustn't just pull down damaged historic buildings with heritage value, we must rebuild them. In some parts of Europe (many parts) entire towns were rebuilt exactly as they were after the annihilation of WWII.

Surely it is a crazy New Zealand disease to even consider that beautiful old buildings destroyed by the earthquake need not be rebuilt?

[Heritage Buildings To Be Demolished, The Herald]