Monday, August 30, 2010

When England Becomes A Republic

If England decides to become a republic when the Queen dies, then New Zealand will too, but otherwise, no, New Zealand should stay tied, and indeed strengthen ties, with Britain. Whatever the case, there's a large proportion of New Zealanders who are British descendents, and despite the surprising reneging of British identity by those politicians mentioned* (considering their place of birth and ancestory), I believe many other British-New Zealanders (and British-Australians) want their links to their ancestral homeland strengthened.

We have a common history, a common ancestory, a common culture, a common language – these commonalities are vital to our concept of who we are. We should not raise barriers to the free flow of persons between countries whose people have a shared history and a shared sense of identity from their deep and long roots in the British isles.

* Article regarding review of New Zealand and Australia's allegiance to the British monarchy -


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