Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What Side Of The Footpath?

What side of the footpath do people tend to walk on in Britain? In New Zealand it is the left, although many new Asian immigrants insist on the right. I'm finding it difficult to determine Britain's, but, it appears the preference is for the right. This is odd, as I imagine New Zealand's preference would have followed Britain's originally. Has Britain's changed?

Footnote: I note that on many public steps in Britain people are asked to keep to the left. Going through an underbridge in a village the other day I saw there was a sign asking people to keep left. In New Zealand, footpaths on the main street of our largest city (Queen Street in Auckland) were once divided with painted lines and people asked to keep left (because the mayor was so frustrated by people continually moving 'aside' into his path).


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  1. On reflection and discussion I think it's now better just to be flexible and have no tendency. Fortunately footpaths are not like the roads, we have the leisure not to insist on a particular route.


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