Monday, May 10, 2010

Alcohol & Caffeine

People get pissed, people die, people's live are wrecked. Yes, some wine and beer tastes good (when you get used to the alcohol). But is that enough? What really is the point of alcohol and caffeine at all?

But if we didn't have it, imagine the difference to our high streets… no cafes, no bars, pubs or clubs, no restaurants (well a lot less evening dining I am sure). No vineyards and wineries, no breweries, no liquor shops…, no specialised drinking glasses, bottlers, I'm sure you can imagine more…

With this amount of vested interested it's hard to see alcohol and caffeine going down the road of tobacco (look at the resistance there), but could it happen…?

Coffee in the morning, alcohol at night, this is the cycle for a great many people. Or there's the 'work hard during the week, get blotto at the weekend' crowd.

There's no doubt its not good for us, but it has become such a part of our culture, such a part of being 'social', and 'being social' has become such a driving necessity of our media-based culture.

But if we require alcohol to be social, then perhaps we're not actually social creatures at all (at least not in the 'party' way our media exults).


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