Friday, April 30, 2010

Third UK Leaders Debate: Forced To Work

"(People) must be forced to work" Gordon Brown. What kind of work is this that we need to be forced to do it?

"If you are offered work you can do, you must take it." David Cameron.

How do we encourage people to work? We talk about contribution. We talk about life and what it is about. We enable fulfilment via contribution ('work') that realises ours potential. We enable learning. There is no self-esteem in work that doesn't fulfil us.

"The right thing" is, according to David Cameron, to take work that does nothing to fulfil our potential, that does nothing to enable us to grow.

Rather than forcing people to work, we need to look at ways to make the work better, so we want to do it. Better work, work that works better, is also more effective work, work that isn't wasteful, work that is fulfilling and purposeful.

None of the leaders can get their heads around the fact that it isn't people who are the problem, it is the work that is the problem. That is what we need to fix. Take the hammer to the work so that people will want to do it, don't take the hammer to the people to force them to do it.

[Third UK Leaders Debate on BBC (via C-Span)]


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