Saturday, April 24, 2010

Second UK Leaders Debate

How do leaders keep us choosing them when all they do is the same? Through fear, through stoking the fear of what will happen if we do things differently from the way they have been done before.

We accept control from controllers not so much because of the fear of their retaliation as the fear that they feed us on what will happen if we don't do what they say, if we do something different.

The leaders 'reality' of only doing things their way in the way that has been done before is the reality they create, it is not the one we have to have if we wish to do things differently, to do things better. Gordon Brown's and David Cameron's "Get real" means get with the reality as they see it, in which things are done they way they do them, as they have been done in the past. But this is not the reality to choose if we want to do things better.

When the British leaders talk about Europe and "allies" they seem to forget who their traditional "allies" actually were, and that not all of them were European. Britain would have greater strength if it remembered its allies in the Commonwealth and, in particular, the diaspora of British peoples in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America who have a massive emotional and ancestral link to the land they originally came from.

If Britain's trade is now 'mainly with Europe' it is to a great extant because they have turned their back on their traditional allies and the greater trade they had with them in the past as part of the deal for 'joining Europe'. But Britain should be able to be part of Europe and keep its allies. It is when 'Europe' forces Britain into an either-or choice (Europe or allies) that Europe is wrong, and when this happens, Britain should stand up for itself and its people wherever they are.

[Second UK Election Debate on Sky]


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