Friday, April 23, 2010

First UK Leaders Debate

The politician's are falling back on the same failed policies of the past, nothing really new.

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg won big time on education, actually addressed the question and didn't patronise the young person who asked it.

Gordon Brown has a mocking smile when listening which is very unattractive.

You would think that with something as powerful as 'Systems Thinking' to use for cutting waste that it would be mentioned in the leaders debate, but no-one did. So it still seems no-one's going to do it.

Let's get rid of the yo-yo nature of economics that our system conspires for, this requires real change, to the system, not band-aids on the symptoms, but holistic change that prevents the damage from occurring in the first place.

David Cameron's, "If you work hard I will support you", is not true. It's more 'If you work hard at only the work I want you to do, then I will support you', and that's just a crap deal.

[First UK Election Debate on ITV1]


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