Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why We Need To Change Our System

Our system sustains inequity and does not enable us to realise our full potential. Too many people are harmed. One factor is that a few people’s products will always attract substantially more money than most others. But we can change that by sharing half our income from trade in a base income we all receive so we can all contribute in the ways that best match our abilities and realise our potential. Let’s do that.

By doing that and other things we can construct a system that helps to lower crime, reduce disadvantage, equalise opportunity, and eliminate exploitation, poverty and the enormous cost of lost human potential.

The internet has seen a massive explosion in creative contribution, but our system doesn’t work for this. Our system curtails our ability to contribute as we wish in ways that best suit ourselves and where we see a need. We need our system to take a lesson from the internet and enable sharing. By sharing half our income from trade in a shared base income we can freely share our ideas and more fully realise ourselves.



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