Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Zealand Coat Of Arms

If the flag is changed, what happens to this?

Image of New Zealand Coat of Arms

"The Coat of Arms depict a shield with four quadrants divided by a central "pale". The first quadrant depicts the four stars on the flag of New Zealand; the second quadrant depicts a golden fleece, representing the nation's farming industry; the third depicts a sheaf of wheat for agriculture; and the fourth quadrant depicts crossed hammers for mining. The central pale depicts three galleys, representing New Zealand's maritime nature and also the Cook Strait. The Dexter supporter is a European woman carrying the flag of New Zealand, while the Sinister supporter is a Maori Warrior holding a Taiata (Spear) and wearing a Kapeu (earring). The Shield is topped by the Crown of St. Edward, the Monarch of New Zealand's Crown. Below is a scroll with "New Zealand" on it, behind which (constituting the "heraldic compartment" on which the supporters stand) are two fern branches." Coat of Arms of New Zealand, wikipedia,


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