Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Kiwi Flag

If we didn't want our flag to say anything about our history and so on..., then maybe the Kiwi flag would be a goer, eh? We're all Kiwis aren't we?

The Kiwi Flag



  1. You do have a good sense of design, even if I don't agree that the kiwi would make a good flag symbol.

    I think most Canadians would be pleased that they chose a maple leaf rather than a beaver for their flag.

    And the French, perhaps sadly, avoided the temptation of featuring the frog.

    Similarly, all surveys show that Kiwis clearly prefer the silver fern to their flightless, near-extinct, noctural namesake.

    Being permanently grounded does make it the logical emblem for the RNZAF though.

  2. The Author of TheDUDEFebruary 19, 2010 at 9:25 AM

    Ha, ha, that’s good.

    Your right, the silver fern on black does seem to have captured the public space, some how.

    I wonder though whether all Kiwis wish to be identified with the symbol of the All Blacks…? (I understand the NZRFU is trying to trade mark it…)

    Seems to me Kiwis could prefer a Kiwi flag (if promoted) and that would make sense...


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