Saturday, February 13, 2010

It Does Not Have To Be This Way

We don’t have to have the system we do. We can change our system from one that sustains and increases inequities to one that shares opportunity so we can all contribute in the way that best suits us.

We need to recognise the intended or unintended purpose of our system, and think outside of this, to a system that enables us to live how we want to live, without harm. Our system is not so complicated it can’t be comprehended, though it may appear so from the jargon and rhetoric academics continually build around it.

Money is the oil in our system, but should not be the purpose of it. Money allows our system to function. It enables trade and the allocation of resources without premeditated control. But the market is not perfect. Money tends to pool, and in our system at the moment these pools are protected, damaging the rest of the system.

Fortunately, the nature of money, unlike resources, means it can be constantly distributed so we all have enough to make our best contribution according to what we best do. This continual distribution of money to all parts of the system is via a shared base income.

Our current system has evolved out of a history of power and wealth in hierarchical societies. A basis designed, most particularly, to preserve the resources of the few who already have resources, a basis provoking an often over-riding pursuit of money and resources by any participating in it (this is the de-facto purpose of our current capitalist system).

We can change the basis and purpose of our system to enable us all to live fulfilling lives without harm, but we have to choose to do this. Take a look at OUR SYSTEM if you are interested in enabling us all to have the freedom to live without harm, and you’d rather this was the purpose of our system.


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