Sunday, December 13, 2009

Manners Mall - A Bus Lane!

Manners Mall in Wellington, New Zealand, was ruined several years ago when Prendergast and Council removed all the bricks that paved the area in the same manner as the rest of the city, and lay down a swath of grey that dulled and uglified what was before at least a reasonably attractive (if somewhat tired) place to sit. All the usual park benches were ripped out in the makeover and replaced with ugly yellow plastic and concrete constructs that had no back to lean on.

In other words, Prendergast first ruined the mall she is about to make a bus lane. If Manners Mall isn't a place we want to go (and it really isn't anymore) it's because Prendergast and Council made it that way. But now, rather than admit to that mistake and rectify it with an attractive area we will visit (and that could very well be done - it is a natural center of convergence) Prendergast is going to use the excuse of its unpopularity (whether tacitly or explicitly) to rip it out altogether. This is poor. Something attractive could be done here, and it should be. The opportunity is about to be lost again.

(It looks like Lower Cuba is to be swathed in grey as well - it's ugly. Don't let them do it Wellingtonians.)

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