Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is It "White" We're Afraid Of Or Redressing Wrongs

Hone responds to an abusive email with a similarly abusive email like most of us might. These personal emails are released to the media and the Human Rights Commissioner calls Hone's (or both of them?) "racially abusive", appealing to the Maori Party and parliamentarians to deplore the words used.

The worse thing is Human Rights Commissioner Joris de Bres allowing himself to be made a tool of censorship, in fact willingly participating in it. He is not the Commissioner of Bad Language, he should not be encouraging the censorship of politians who use bad language, that is an abuse of our rights.

MP's are people. Personally I'm damn happy when an MP behaves like a normal human being. This is not the kind of behaviour we, or the Human Rights Commission, should be censoring. It is not Joris de Bres' role to say what demeans the role of MP, no matter what he may think personally.

If anything the Human Rights Commission should be concerned about the number of people who believe Hone (a Maori) should be punished for using the term "white" and ask why? What are these people afraid of? Hone's angry at what the British did to Maori in the past - wrongs that need to be put right. Could it be this process of restitution and redress that people are really afraid of?

[Buddy Mikaere's email in part]
[Hone's email in full]


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