Saturday, November 21, 2009

Join The 21st Century Network

Check this out: 21st Century Network. Consider joining. The 21st Century Network is an English-, but also internet (so global), based network for people who care about creating a world for all people, not just a few. This means, in my definition, a world of people contributing in ways that fulfil them without harming others fulfilment.

For the 21st Century Network this means “that the values of tolerance, global compassion, personal self-discovery, shared development; planetary concern and a love of community are essential for our survival. By ... getting together with all religions and none, we hope we can help to strengthen the humanist principles of tolerance and diversity.” (21st Century Network website)

I have a big interest in the kind of areas 21st Century Network is involved in (I’m printing a book on this soon). 21st Century is the closest group I’ve encountered to my interest in bringing on a world of fulfilment without harm for everyone – fulfilment being the common purpose of us all.

The group has a presence on Ning and MeetUp (networking sites both worth checking-out in their own right), as well as on Facebook and MySpace, and, of course, their own website and blog.

Exciting and interesting meetings are taking place fairly frequently right now in London (see their Meetup presence) and will soon be available as sound files, podcasts and perhaps even live internet broadcast. Joining the network means you get updates on the various interest groups and can participate with your own feedback online.

If you have an interest in a better world, take a look.


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