Friday, November 6, 2009

Israel-Palestine / Palestine-Israel

What about a one state solution? Two peoples, one state. Perhaps a Treaty of Jerusalem. Sound familiar Aotearoa-New Zealand?

Obviously it does, as in New Zealand (for the benefit of those not from here) we have a Treaty of Waitangi between the first peoples to the country (the Maori) and the British (who came next). This is regarded as New Zealand's founding document, and Aotearoa is widely regarded as the Maori name for New Zealand, with Aotearoa-New Zealand an emerging title for the nation.

So a two-people's, one-nation solution for Israel-Palestine. A Treaty of Jerusalem for a shared democratic nation. In the end, the only thing that's going to break the deadlock there is trust, and that isn't going to happen without sharing, open borders, pooled resources. They both have rights to their shared land and they both need to live there. There's only one real solution, one nation, two peoples. They can do this.


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