Friday, November 13, 2009

Is New Zealand Becoming Alcatraz?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for New Zealanders of British descent to return to the UK. As Britain grows increasingly attached to Europe so those of British descent are getting locked out.

The UK is continuously raising the bar for New Zealanders of British descent wishing to return to Britain. If a working visa can be obtained it now takes 5 years to gain citizenship, one more move in the trend to increase criteria for British descendants returning. There is a risk that the descendents of those who chose to leave will not have the choice of returning.

New Zealand is part of the Commonwealth and the former British Empire. Not long ago, New Zealanders of British descent were regarded as British subjects, by ethnicity they still are. New Zealanders by nationality, British by descent. New Zealanders fought easily for Britain because they were British New Zealanders, sharing the same Queen and the same legal system.

The hardening criteria on British New Zealanders returning is a worrying trend. The UK should not turn its back on its people, wherever they are. But it is. We must fight for our ethnic rights, even our right to an ethnicity.


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