Monday, November 30, 2009

Ageist New Zealanders

On TV1 Breakfast (25 November 2009):

"Right up I’ve got to say you look very young to be heading up this organisation." Paul Henry
"Why thank you." Peter Beck (rocket scientist)

"I’m glad that you’re taking that as a compliment! And it should be a compliment I suppose because I’ve looked at your qualifications and you’re highly qualified to do this, but you do – how old are you?"
"I'm 32."

"32! Oh well, you look younger than your age."


Is there really something about being (or at least looking) young that makes people inherently incompetent or is this just a naive bias that discriminates and insults?

And why is this bias so common and blatant in many New Zealanders?

If you think others are incompetent because they look young (or black or female or have long hair or whatever) then it's you who's incompetent, not them.


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