Monday, November 30, 2009

Ageist New Zealanders

On TV1 Breakfast (25 November 2009):

"Right up I’ve got to say you look very young to be heading up this organisation." Paul Henry
"Why thank you." Peter Beck (rocket scientist)

"I’m glad that you’re taking that as a compliment! And it should be a compliment I suppose because I’ve looked at your qualifications and you’re highly qualified to do this, but you do – how old are you?"
"I'm 32."

"32! Oh well, you look younger than your age."


Is there really something about being (or at least looking) young that makes people inherently incompetent or is this just a naive bias that discriminates and insults?

And why is this bias so common and blatant in many New Zealanders?

If you think others are incompetent because they look young (or black or female or have long hair or whatever) then it's you who's incompetent, not them.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Spread The Message

Hi. I've started a shop called TheTshirtShop at (that's why I haven't posted for a while). Go there for headline posts from TheDUDE on a T-shirt. Spread the message. Check it out.



Saturday, November 21, 2009

Join The 21st Century Network

Check this out: 21st Century Network. Consider joining. The 21st Century Network is an English-, but also internet (so global), based network for people who care about creating a world for all people, not just a few. This means, in my definition, a world of people contributing in ways that fulfil them without harming others fulfilment.

For the 21st Century Network this means “that the values of tolerance, global compassion, personal self-discovery, shared development; planetary concern and a love of community are essential for our survival. By ... getting together with all religions and none, we hope we can help to strengthen the humanist principles of tolerance and diversity.” (21st Century Network website)

I have a big interest in the kind of areas 21st Century Network is involved in (I’m printing a book on this soon). 21st Century is the closest group I’ve encountered to my interest in bringing on a world of fulfilment without harm for everyone – fulfilment being the common purpose of us all.

The group has a presence on Ning and MeetUp (networking sites both worth checking-out in their own right), as well as on Facebook and MySpace, and, of course, their own website and blog.

Exciting and interesting meetings are taking place fairly frequently right now in London (see their Meetup presence) and will soon be available as sound files, podcasts and perhaps even live internet broadcast. Joining the network means you get updates on the various interest groups and can participate with your own feedback online.

If you have an interest in a better world, take a look.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is what every website should have on it - a FEEDBACK button that is obvious and loud where any user can simply and immediately write their feedback.

This is what is absolutely vital to organisation's websites. And they don't just need it for their external sites, it is just as vital for their internal so that all organisation members can feed in and back to the rest of the organisation.

This is a very simple concept, but for some reason it just isn't implemented. The reasons are not just technical, but cultural (organisations don't want real feedback from employees and employees are too scared to give it). Anyway, for the technical issues this company has a solution (for those who can't come up with their own):

I don't know how good it really is, but it does float a Feedback button on all areas of a website. StumbleUpon is currently using it so have a look.

Organisations, get your feedback and start being a bit more democratic with it.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Is Auckland A Failed State?

After driving down Great North Road in Auckland yesterday I realised the signage system is even worse than I had already noted. It is a bloody disaster, or, it’s like a disaster has occurred and the damage never repaired. Is Auckland a failed state? What is going on in this city???

I was directed at least three times off Great North Road by the flow of the traffic, the direction of the road and the dreadful signposting (if it existed at all). Halfway through the signs all changed colour and moved to the other side of the road. Further along the street numbers dropped down from the 4,000s to the 300s. Weird.

There’s so many issues with the signs and roads in this city I could start a website on it and never run out of content – this I think I might do (perhaps I don’t want to clutter up TheDUDE with all this CRAP.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

To Lower Prices, BUILD HOUSES

If the State wants house prices to fall it needs to build more houses. By building more houses and charging the fair price of land and construction (not the retail price of the market) it will increase supply and lower prices.

The current housing market does not work to lower prices, except in crises (when everything falls). The house price bubble is reinforced by the vested interest of all suppliers. They effectively form a collective monopoly whose only interest is higher prices. This bubble will not be burst without the intervention of a supplier whose interest is not in higher prices, but fair prices. This may be social entrepreneurs (no sign of them yet), but could most likely and reliably be the State, as it already owns land.

If the will is there, more houses, at fair prices, built well-insulated and secure, can be supplied to break the back of the housing market. Putting a plentiful supply of quality houses at fair prices on the market will force the price of the existing housing stock (which is generally poor) to compete on price, and the price will fall.

If we want this, we can have it. Demand it.


Friday, November 13, 2009

The Maori Party Controllers

The Maori Party leaders believe they are a party of control, their control. But a truly democratic party is not controlled by its leaders, it is led by them, and in a really good party all members are leaders.

The designated Maori party leaders believe they can decide who is in the party or not. How can it be their choice? This is the “Maori” party. If you are Maori and want to be in the Maori party can you be refused?

A good party has a diversity of views as well as views in common. The two can be told apart. Maori Party ‘leaders’ attempts to control members’ views crushes the party’s ability to act democratically and damages the essential human right of its members to freedom of expression.

None of this is to say that any of the other parties (perhaps the Greens?) are any more tolerant, diverse or democratic. There is a long way to go before any political party has the openness, tolerance and respect to let in and allow the free responsibility of it members in all their diversity while still accentuating the critical policies they have in common.

I for one will welcome the debate we get when we do, and will even more welcome not having the controllers come crushing down on it. (Of course it doesn’t help that most of the media eggs on controllers.)


Is New Zealand Becoming Alcatraz?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for New Zealanders of British descent to return to the UK. As Britain grows increasingly attached to Europe so those of British descent are getting locked out.

The UK is continuously raising the bar for New Zealanders of British descent wishing to return to Britain. If a working visa can be obtained it now takes 5 years to gain citizenship, one more move in the trend to increase criteria for British descendants returning. There is a risk that the descendents of those who chose to leave will not have the choice of returning.

New Zealand is part of the Commonwealth and the former British Empire. Not long ago, New Zealanders of British descent were regarded as British subjects, by ethnicity they still are. New Zealanders by nationality, British by descent. New Zealanders fought easily for Britain because they were British New Zealanders, sharing the same Queen and the same legal system.

The hardening criteria on British New Zealanders returning is a worrying trend. The UK should not turn its back on its people, wherever they are. But it is. We must fight for our ethnic rights, even our right to an ethnicity.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Empire Wants To Strike Back

Rupert Murdoch, owner of the Media Empire, wants to strike back at the freedom of the internet and the rebel leader Google.

Murdoch says he will block Google from listing all news stories from the Empire and start charging web users for access.

But what the Emperor doesn't understand is that he must work with Google, not against. Any block and charge policy that excludes Google and other rebel leaders from free access to the Empire will result in the Empire's exclusion, as free web denizens everywhere will go where such restrictions do not apply.

The web is for free and fair, maybe the Emperor and his Empire don't belong here at all.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Israel-Palestine / Palestine-Israel

What about a one state solution? Two peoples, one state. Perhaps a Treaty of Jerusalem. Sound familiar Aotearoa-New Zealand?

Obviously it does, as in New Zealand (for the benefit of those not from here) we have a Treaty of Waitangi between the first peoples to the country (the Maori) and the British (who came next). This is regarded as New Zealand's founding document, and Aotearoa is widely regarded as the Maori name for New Zealand, with Aotearoa-New Zealand an emerging title for the nation.

So a two-people's, one-nation solution for Israel-Palestine. A Treaty of Jerusalem for a shared democratic nation. In the end, the only thing that's going to break the deadlock there is trust, and that isn't going to happen without sharing, open borders, pooled resources. They both have rights to their shared land and they both need to live there. There's only one real solution, one nation, two peoples. They can do this.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Over For Microsoft (As A Monopoly)

Slashing jobs, sales down. Finally the internet and tech savvy are becoming a force who won't accept the monopoly prices of MS and have the courage to use the alternatives in force.

Adobe is next (their prices are scandalous!) and the statistical, big customer relationship management databases that really do so little.