Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Te Whenua o Maori

Maoriland or perhaps more precisely, Land of the Maori, which in the native tongue is, Te Whenua o Maori. This is what New Zealand should be called or should be called if it ever becomes a republic. As this is what New Zealand really is. It isn't some new Zeeland of the Netherlands, it is the land of the Maori.

Just like France is named after the Franks, England after the Angles, Scotland after the Scots, so New Zealand should be Maoriland - Te Whenua o Maori - after the Maori who live here.

What would it mean? Well think about it. It would identify this land, this country with Maori. Maori would become more than just an ethnicity, it would also become a nationality. If you lived here, and adopted this country (and this country adopted you) then you would become a Maori for the purposes of nationality. You might be called an English Maori or a Chinese Maori or an Indian Maori, but that's how it would be.

So how about it?


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